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The demands of daily increased screen time for both work and leisure have made our eyes work harder than ever. In turn, many people are beginning to suffer from painful and annoying symptoms, such as:
• Chronic Headaches • Eye Fatigue • Neck Pain
• Dry Eye Sensation • Eye Strain • Motion Sickness

Studies have shown… Eye misalignment could be the culprit for 57% of the population. Neurolenses help correct this common vision impairment.

Are you experiencing any of the above symptoms?

We can help! Call (603) 644-6100 to book your FREE Neurolens Test today.

Our Manchester location has the newest Neurolens testing equipment available. The neurolens® Measurement Device provides our doctors with repeatable measurements to determine if you are a candidate for the state-of-the-art lens options. Neurolenses provide pain-relieving comfort for today’s hardworking eyes.


Neurolens vs. Traditional Lens