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There are so many options when it comes to lens technology. Your MVC Eye Care professionals are here to make your life easier. We can help you get the perfect eyeglasses for your lifestyle. We also have a second pair discount that can save you more than 20% just by getting what you need.

Non-Glare Treatments optimize your lenses to be more scratch resistant, improve vision with advanced clarity, reduce eye strain and make your eyeglasses look more attractive. Also known as anti-glare and anti-reflective (AR) coatings, non-glare reduces halos around lights at night as well helping make night-driving more enjoyable and comfortable in relation to your vision.

HD Clarity: Our premium non-glare treatments minimize distracting glare by reduce reflections from all directions, improve your glasses’s aesthetic appeal, enhanced UV protection, and help make nighttime driving safer and more comfortable. If you want the clearest lenses possible, non-glare is a must!

Our optical professionals highly recommend Crizal Sapphire 360ΒΊ lenses, which provide you with superior protection against glare, scratches, smudges, and UV light. Looking for a lens treatment that does all this & more? Are you on electronic devices more than 2 hour per day? Get the ultimate anti-reflective treatment that helps block harmful blue light as well…

Blue-Light Blocking:Blue light is all around us and the sun is actually the largest source of it. Some of it is helpful, like Beneficial Blue Light and actually regulates the sleep cycle and cognitive performances. However, long-term and continuous exposure to Harmful Blue Light (blue-violet light) can contribute to damaging of eyes over time.

Depending on your lifestyle, your optician might suggest a specific brand of anti-reflective coating. If you spend a lot of time working at a computer &/or on smart devices, you might benefit from a non-glare treatment that filters out blue light. For example, we highly recommend Essilor’s Crizal Prevencialenses. This anti-reflective treatment blocks high-energy blue light emitted by electronic devices and is adventageous for patients of all ages.

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Multifocal glasses help you see both near and far by looking through different points in your lenses. When choosing which multifocal lens you need, our opticians look at various factors of your daily vision routine to be sure your lenses work for you & not against you.

Lined Bifocals: Bifocals have two lens powers β€” one for seeing far distance in the top portion of the lens and a one for seeing near/reading distance in the lower half of the lens. Between these different power zones there is a visible “bifocal line” that cuts across the center of the lens.

No-Line Progressives: These lenses are highly sought after for their cosmetic appeal. Some people find it takes about a week of practice to get used to progressive lenses. After adjusting and getting comfortable with your lenses “sweet spots” though, you’ll see much more clearly without needing two pairs of glasses for both near & far. Our offices carry the latest premium progressive lenses, which provide the best comfort and performance for our patients.

Computer Progressives: Normal progressives have an hour glass shaped viewing area, with distance at the top, intermediate in the middle & reading at the bottom. Computer/Office Progressives have a medium distance area at the top, large intermediate area in the middle & a medium reading area at the bottom. These are best for patients who have a multifocal prescription and who work at a desk more than a few hours per day.

Eyezen Lenses:Eyezen lenses are actually considered single vision correction with a power boost at the bottom. Although these only require a single vision prescription, many patients consider them to be “multifocal” due to it’s enhanced features that relieve digital eye strain. Eyezen lenses also utilize the Smart Blue Filterβ„’ technology, which reduces exposure to harmful blue light. These lenses are highly recommended for patients of all ages.

Sun Protection is crucial for you and your whole family! The connection between light and sight creates beauty, but too much light can also lead to discomfort, pain and vision loss over time. The sun releases energy (radiation) in many forms. Ultraviolet (UV) rays are one of such forms and although they are invisible to the eye, they can still cause sunburn. They can also damage your eyes and hurt your vision. Over time, the effects of UV rays may cause a number of eye problems.How do you protect your eyes from the sun?

Polarized Lenses: Polarized sunglasses are the best options for sun protection when it comes to blocking harmful UV light from your eyes. Polarized lenses contain a special filter that blocks UV while also blocking intense reflected light, in turn reducing glare. Many outdoor enthusiasts won’t leave home without their polarized sunglasses including, but not limited too: fisherman, boaters, golfers, motorcyclists, and more. Polarized lenses are also a must-have for driving in general. Some people with high light-sensitivity, including post-cataract surgery patients and those continually exposed to bright light through windows, may also choose to wear polarized sunglasses indoors.

Transitions: Are you sensitive to light, but always tend to lose your sunglasses? Do you want the convenience of having UV protection with glasses that adapt to light, with the right level of darkness in any condition?

Transitions, also know as photochromic lenses, automatically change depending on light conditions and protect your eyes both indoors and outdoors. They are available in a variety of new colors and you can even get them mirrored now, with exciting finishes like blue, green, and silver shadow!

Visit your local MVC Eye Care today & check out all your sun protection options!

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Transitions - Eyeglasses Lenses That Get Dark with UV Light
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