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Our Manchester eye doctor and team here at MVC Eye Care wants you to know that eye pain is never normal and should always be assessed by an eye care professional. If you’ve suffered from a recent eye injury—even if it was treated at an urgent care or emergency clinic—it is highly recommended that you schedule an appointment with an eye doctor as soon as possible to ensure that there are no additional or underlying problems that could put your eye health or vision at risk.

Common Causes of Eye Injuries

There are many common causes of eye injuries, such as foreign objects being stuck in the eye. This is especially common with people who work with machinery or power tools around wood, metal, or glass. Another common eye injury is that of a corneal abrasion, which can occur when the surface of the eye becomes scratched. When this occurs, there is always a risk that the scratches could become infected without the proper treatment. Animal scratches around the face are also a common cause of eye injury and should be treated by a professional immediately due to the higher risk of bacteria contamination.

When to See an Eye Doctor

Regardless of the specific eye injury, seeing an eye doctor is a great way to ensure that your eye and vision health isn’t put at-risk. This remains true even if you treated the injury at home or the injury seems to have gone away on its own. It’s always better to be safe than sorry when it comes to your ocular health. An eye care professional will be able to assess your eyes, complete any necessary further treatment, and ensure optimal eye health and recovery.

Schedule an Appointment With Our Manchester Team

If you’ve recently suffered from an eye injury, schedule an appointment with our Manchester team as soon as possible at MVC Eye Care. We have a few convenient locations in the Manchester area, so you can be sure to find an appointment that works with your schedule.

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