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Whether you think of them as spectacles, glasses, or a second set of eyes, many corrective lens wearers could benefit from the daily or occasional use of contact lenses. At one time, contact lenses used to be more difficult to fit, and patients with certain eye conditions or prescription requirements could not safely wear contact lenses. Today, however, we can safely and comfortably fit almost any patient and lifestyle with contact lenses – no matter the prescription requirements and/or presence of several eye conditions such as astigmatism and presbyopia.

Our eye care professionals evaluate each patient for the use of contact lenses. While we can find a good fit for most patients, some health conditions can make wearing contact lenses more difficult. These conditions include severe ocular allergies, working in conditions with lots of dust and chemicals, thyroid issues, diabetes, arthritis, dry eyes, certain medications, and pregnancy.

What to Expect During an Evaluation for Contact Lenses in Manchester

During an evaluation for contact lenses in Manchester, our eye doctor will initially assess your overall health, eye health, and medical history to determine whether or not you are a candidate for contact lenses. If determined that lens wear is safe, we will then measure your eyes and determine your corrective lens prescription in order to find which lenses will be right for you. We will also discuss any personal preferences you might have regarding contact lens use and wear. For example, we will work with you to determine whether daily wear lenses, toric, cosmetic, or another type of lenses are the best option for your particular lifestyle and prescription needs.

Schedule an Appointment for Your Contact Lens Prescription Today

If you play sports, would like the world to see your eyes first, or are tired of cleaning your glasses several times throughout the day, then contacts might be right for you. Contact our office at (603) 644-6100 today to schedule an appointment for your evaluation and contact lens prescription.

In what ways do you think contact lenses could improve your life?